Live Tweeting from LF 2018: Nancy Love and Formative Assessment

Cathy Gassenheimer (@cathygassenheim) is tweeting live from the Learning Forward Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas. We’re capturing her Twitter streams for severeal sessions and sharing them as posts.

In one of her favorite Monday sessions, Cathy joined several other Alabama professional learning leaders for a workshop by Nancy Love, a Senior Consultant at Research for Better Teaching, and her colleagues. Their topic: What Teacher Teams Do to Maximize the Impact of Formative Assessment.

Love’s presentation was so engaging that the tweeting sometimes took a back seat. Fortunately, Jackie Flowers, Director of Instruction & Professional Learning in the Florence City Schools, was also tweeting so we’ve designated this post a team effort, sharing from Jackie (@JackieAFlowers) as well as Cathy.

And there’s a bonus! Download Love’s 38-page workshop guide here. You’ll read the research (“Formative Assessment—The Real Deal”) and you’ll also find some great actionable ideas, including several protocols and a checklist for success.

Session Summary

What Teacher Teams Do to Maximize the Power of Formative Assessment — Unleash the power of teacher teams by facilitating deep learning and application of a four-step formative assessment cycle, where teachers:

1) clarify learning targets and success criteria for themselves and their students;

2) infuse formative assessment throughout their instruction;

3) analyze student work frequently and in depth;

4) and provide timely, targeted feedback, reteaching, and extension.

►Nancy Love’s presentation slides

►Nancy Love’s recommended links

The Tweets!

Jackie Flowers (right) and Cathy Gassenheimer at the Nancy Love workshop.