Instructional Partners Network

The Instructional Partners Network (IPN) strengthens the skillset of instructional coaches and administrators while bolstering the culture of instructional coaching in schools and districts. IPN achieves this through intentional coaching practice, collaborative planning, and researched-based best practices.

The ABPC is launching a new cohort of IPN in the summer of 2024 with a special focus on Peer Coaching. Peer coaching is a non-evaluative reciprocal process in which teachers are paired to discuss and share a strategy, observe each other, and provide mutual support (Hodges Simons, 2006). The research is very clear on the effectiveness of peer coaching to create sustained improvement in instructional practices and student achievement (Joyce & Showers, 2002).

This one-day training will focus on the theory, practice, and implementation of peer coaching to build collective efficacy. Participants will experience the 6-Phase Model of Learning as they explore the skills and dispositions necessary for successful peer coaching. Attendees will practice the peer coaching cycle and discuss and plan for effective peer coaching and peer coaching programs. Attendees will also experience guided practice in the Triad Coaching Model from McREL.




Who Should Attend:

While individual participation is possible, we recommend that pairs, or even better, triads attend together in order to build strong peer coaching teams. A school team of three also supports continued practice and implementation of the triad coaching model after returning to school.


The cost for this training is $300/person. This covers the registration fee, meals and refreshments, and the resource materials.

When and Where

This one-day training will be hosted in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile three times throughout the year. Follow us on social media to get the most up-to-date announcements.

Continued Support

On-site support from ABPC facilitators may be arranged through additional professional learning sessions.