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The Alabama Best Practices Center (ABPC), in partnership with the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), facilitates high-quality, professional learning for three different networks of educators: district and school leaders (Key Leaders Network), schools (Powerful Conversations Network), and school-based instructional coaches (Instructional Partners Network). Time for collaboration and continuous learning is valued by many educators as a means to improve their practice in the classroom. ABPC provides valuable, structured time by sharing the most current, research-based best practices, and giving educators the space to learn from other professionals.

In its 20 years, ABPC has served 87 of the state’s 137 districts, including Jefferson County, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa—in all, more than 400,000 of Alabama’s 740,000 students.

For more information on our work and our impact click here or watch this video:

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