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Who We Are

Partnering with schools to improve student achievement

The Alabama Best Practices Center (ABPC), in partnership with the Alabama State Department of Education, facilitates high-quality, collaborative professional learning for three different networks of educators: district & school leaders (Key Leaders Network), teachers (Powerful Conversations Network), and school-based instructional coaches (Instructional Partners Network).

Our networks have proven success in improving student achievement in math and reading for participating schools. In its 20 years, ABPC has served 116 of the state’s 139 districts, including Jefferson County, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa—in all, more than 400,000 of Alabama’s 740,000 students.

The purpose of our work:

  • Develop the next generation of district & school leaders and strengthen the capacity of current leaders
  • Empower educators with best practices and encourage them to put these practices in action to improve student achievement
  • Connect superintendents, principals, and teachers across the state to each other to share their experiences and inspire their growth
  • Raise expectations for what is possible by inspiring and informing teachers & leaders across the state

Hear directly from our network members in this video:


A Program of A+ Education Partnership

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