With one foot in the statehouse and one foot in the schoolhouse, A+ Education Partnership works to create great schools for every child. Through our work, we EQUIP, EMPOWER, and EXPECT MORE for Alabama students by working with elected and appointed officials in Montgomery and beyond to promote policies that improve public education. But the work doesn't stop there. A+ also works in schools by supporting educators. While good policy moves education in the right direction, quality teaching requires professional development. So we operate two programs that implement the policy and learn what policy changes are needed. Our two programs, the Alabama Best Practices Center and A+ College Ready, build the capacity of teachers and school leaders.

All of our work, from preschool through high school, is focused on one goal: ensuring EVERY Alabama student graduates prepared for college, career, and life. Here's how:

EQUIP through A+ Education Partnership's Advocacy

We EQUIP through our A+ Education Partnership policy work, partnering with elected and appointed officials to help shape policies and promote public investments in proven practices, such as high-quality pre-k, professional development for teachers and school leaders in STEM, English, social studies, and computer science, and holding students to high standards that prepare them for postsecondary education, the workforce, and life.

We promote investments in what works, like:
Research-based practices such as high-quality state-funded pre-k
Professional development
High academic standards
Innovation in schools

EMPOWER through the Alabama Best Practices Center

We EMPOWER through our Alabama Best Practices Center, (ABPC) leading and facilitating networks of teachers, principals, and district leaders across Alabama and supporting our educators with timely professional development, resulting in improved teaching and learning.

ABPC is a program designed to support Alabama's teachers, principals, superintendents, and other leaders with ongoing professional development. Our goal is to help those who serve our students develop the competence, confidence, and courage to do whatever it takes to improve learning. And improved learning is the key to ensuring ALL of our children are prepared for college, career, and life.

The purpose of our work:
Develop the next generation of leaders
Raise expectations for what is possible by inspiring and informing teachers across the state
Connect superintendents, principals, and teachers across the state to each other, and to proven education strategies
Conduct instructional rounds, adapted for schools from medical rounds, to identify specific areas of focus and gather evidence of progress

The learning from our networks impacts approximately 26,800 teachers and 400,000 public school students in Alabama! For more information, click here or watch this video.

EXPECT MORE through A+ College Ready

We EXPECT MORE from our students through A+ College Ready, (A+CR) by partnering with middle and high schools to develop a diverse pipeline of students prepared for rigorous high school course work, including Advanced Placement, so as to ensure more of our high school graduates are prepared for college, career, and life. In grades 6-10, we focus on the high expectations, skills, and content needed to prepare students for AP and other rigorous coursework in grades 11 and 12. We know this is one of the most effective and attainable ways to ensure Alabama students are able to meet MULTIPLE College and Career Readiness benchmarks and have a menu of future opportunities upon graduation.

A+ College Ready "opens the doors" to Advanced Placement and other challenging coursework for all students, including those who have previously been overlooked, by providing professional development, equipment, and incentives for teachers in 6th-12th grades in 35 subjects, including math, science, English, social studies, and computer science.

How we achieve this:
Increasing the number of students engaged in cognitively complex tasks that promote access to higher-level academic classes
Training, supporting, and equipping teachers with research-based teaching strategies, deeper content knowledge, and classroom resources
Empowering administrators to be more effective instructional leaders.

In 2017, A+CR also emerged as a leader in the state in the expansion of K-12 computer science education. We partnered with, ALSDE, Governor Ivey, and the University of Alabama to bring computer science to every Alabama school by 2023.