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Communications Internship

What is it?

A primarily Montgomery-based internship program for college students that provides interns with hands-on advocacy and communications experiences through shadowing, social media management, and more. This program will be housed directly underneath the Communications Team and will answer directly to the Communications Director.

Goals of Program

  • To “build the bench” of Alabama students who are proficient in communications/advocacy
  • To build the capacity of A+ Communications
  • To widen our reach with new innovative content and social media strategies
  • To further develop a reputation as a trusted, accessible, and reputable resource for the public
  • To engage more with Alabama students so as to keep our work proximate and innovative


  • College students in Communications, Marketing, Political Science, or related field


  • Assist in management of day-to-day social media posting and content creation
  • Create and Implement a unique social campaign centered around either organization’s programmatic or advocacy work
  • Shadow both policy and communications team and actively participate in planning meetings around communications
  • Assist with SVT resources and content creation as needed


Either part time (10-20 hrs/week) or full time (30+ hours/week) depending on needs for internship class credit or time availability of intern. Internships would take place either by semester (fall, spring, summer) or by school year (fall-summer) depending on availability of intern and requirement of class credit. Stipends and travel reimbursement to be considered. 

See Job Description Here.

For questions or to apply, please email Megan Skipper.