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The Alabama Best Practices Center works to help teachers and district & school leaders develop the competence, commitment, and courage to do whatever it takes to improve student learning.

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Professional Learning Blog

Black Education History Close to Home: The Story of Stephen J. Boykin

Born before the Emancipation Proclamation, Stephen J. Boykin dedicated his life to improving educational opportunities for black citizens in the early days of the Jim Crow era. In 1899, he founded the first normal school for black students in Baldwin County, and one of the first black newspapers in Alabama – The American Banner. Great-grandson and Chickasaw High principal Arnold Cox shares Boykin’s story.

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Myron Dueck: Smarter Assessment Means Giving Our Students a Say

Myron Dueck believes engagement and learning improve when students are provided with “an increased opportunity to show what they understand, adapt to the feedback they receive, and play a significant role in reporting their learning.” Cathy Gassenheimer reflects on Dueck’s latest book and its connections to the ideas of John Hattie and Ron Berger.

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Bouncing Forward with Marzano! 2021-2022 Network Registration Now Open

Make your plans now to “bounce forward” in the coming school year by participating in the Key Leaders Network and the Powerful Conversations Network for 2021-2022. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Read on to learn more about the latest PCN and KLN professional learning programs from Dr. Stoney Beavers, who introduces the new focus books and announces both blended/face-to-face and all-virtual options for this fall.

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How the Covid Pandemic Has Changed My Teaching (for the Better)

With her students facing so many pandemic challenges, Michelle Russell decided to say ‘yes’ to as many requests as possible, whether it was late papers, school supplies, or a quick review minutes before a test. Here’s what the Florence High School math teacher discovered about the value of answering YES.

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