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The Alabama Best Practices Center works to help teachers and administrators
develop the competence, commitment, and courage to do whatever it takes
to improve student learning.



Positive Culture: Lakewood Primary Hops on the Energy Bus!

Wherever you teach, the stress, demands and expectations can take an emotional and physical toll. At Lakewood Primary in Phenix City, Principal Sarah Kimmel and her leadership team recognized the need to support and encourage faculty and staff throughout the year to help alleviate these pressures. Using the motivational book The Energy Bus, they are well on their way to “turning negative energy into positive achievement.”

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Hattie Says Teacher Clarity Is One of the Top Learning Interventions. Here’s How It Works.

Learning should not be a mystery to students. John Hattie’s research shows that changes in practice to produce “teacher clarity” can have a huge impact on student success. A recent book from Corwin, Clarity for Learning, provides a roadmap for teachers and schools interested in engaging their students more deeply by making sure they understand what’s going on. Cathy Gassenheimer provides a helpful summary!

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