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         Key Practices

The Alabama Best Practices Center's (ABPC) network-based framework for professional learning includes modeling important, flexible key practices for districts to put in action in their own schools to improve student achievement:

  1. Professional Learning: Our networks provide ongoing professional learning that districts can use immediately. Session facilitators model effective teaching practice so participants leave with expanded knowledge and instructional strategies.
  2. Networking: Networking and community building is one of our network members' favorite practices. Connections made in our networks result in districts & schools sharing best practices, resulting in better teaching and learning.
  3. Collaborative Planning: Network members are encouraged to work collaboratively with each other and with those in their schools. Planning, sharing leadership, and learning together provides a lateral accountability that stretches members and exposes them to effective practices of others.
  4. Coaching and Partnering: Our networks provide instructional coaches, teacher leaders, and administrators with coaching skills that enable them to partner with teachers to improve instruction.
  5. Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies: Our networks consistently provide best practices and strategies to improve teaching and learning.

Our team also utilizes other tools for learning such as our Professional Learning Blog and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to provide educators with timely information. See the results of our unique framework here.

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