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Revisiting Michael Fullan’s Six Leadership Secrets for Educators

Every once in a while, it’s good to pick up an “oldie but goody” book to reread. That’s what Cathy Gassenheimer did recently after someone mentioned Michael Fullan’s Six Secrets of Change. It focuses on moral purpose in organizations and how being intentional as we engage with others in meaningful and humble ways results in effective leadership and lasting improvement.

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How Can We Make Curiosity an Everyday Learning Target?

You might share the feeling that curiosity is not encouraged enough in our schools and among our children generally. And it’s not just a feeling – there’s research. A 2018 report from Gallup looked at several decades of data and found that students’ “youthful zest for discovery” dims a bit more with each school year. What can we do to keep the fires of curiosity burning from kindergarten to graduation?

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Live Tweeting from LF 2018: Nancy Love and Formative Assessment

Cathy Gassenheimer is tweeting live from the Learning Forward Annual Conference. In one of her favorite Monday sessions, Cathy joined Jackie Flowers, Director of Instruction & Professional Learning in the Florence City Schools. Find out what they learned at a session with expert Nancy Love on teacher teaming to maximize formative assessment.

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Live Tweeting from Learning Forward 2018: Michael Fullan

Cathy Gassenheimer (@cathygassenheim) is tweeting live from the Learning Forward Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas. We’re capturing her Twitter streams for various sessions and sharing them as posts. Educational leadership superstar Michael Fullan’s pre-conference session on Sunday was her first stop. Here Cathy shares some background and bits of Fullan wisdom.

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Using Powerful Storytelling to Teach, Coach, and Lead

We all like good stories. Stories capture our imagination and invite us to consider the possibilities that life presents us. Stories often offer an escape from our daily hum-drum routine. But can they change behavior or invite people to consider a different perspective? Bob Garmston, co-founder of Cognitive Coaching and author of The Astonishing Power of Storytelling, thinks so.

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How We Can Put “The Power of Moments” to Work in Our Lives

Chip and Dan Heath are masterful storytellers. In The Power of Moments, they explain the idea behind creating your own peak memories with an abundance of stories you’ll enjoy. The book chronicles insights and occurrences of people from all walks of life that lifted their spirits and often caused them to change their direction or goals.

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