ACT Launching “Next Generation” Assessments

As the nation focuses more on the crucial need for college- and career-readiness for U.S. students, ACT announced recently its “next generation” of assessment systems, which are aligned with the Common Core State Standards adopted by 45 states including Alabama, and 3 U.S. territories (District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam).

ACT’s new assessments, which will span from the early elementary grades through high school, will be the first digital assessment system connecting all grades to track a student’s educational progress toward a successful future in the workforce.

In the released statement, ACT’s chief executive officer Jon Whitmore said, “Periodic assessment of what students have learned, starting early in their academic career, will help them, their parents and educators know what steps they must take to stay on the right path. ACT’s next generation assessment system will be designed to accomplish this.”

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