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Behind the Scenes at A+ Education Partnership’s First ABPC Facilitator Training Institute

Adding new regional networks and more educators to existing networks means the Alabama Best Practices Center must increase our supply of adult learning facilitators. This summer, ABPC paired with the University of Alabama RIC to host our first Facilitator Training Institute. Educators from across the state spent three days diving deep into the best methods for leading professional learning.

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Teacher Voices: Attending Summer Conferences Like ISTE Can “Reignite the Fire” for Teaching (Renee Dickerson, Pike Road)

This summer, ABPC Program Coordinator Emily Strickland has been asking teachers in our statewide educator networks how they’re spending their summer break. We have one more contributor! Renee Dickerson is a third grade teacher (the “Community 3 Lead Learner”) at Pike Road Elementary School. Among other learning activities this summer, she attended the always amazing ISTE Annual Conference.

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Teacher Voices: Summer “Break” Includes Association PD, Department Meetings, and Long-Range Planning (Laura Buder, Vestavia Hills)

A+ ABPC Program Coordinator Emily Strickland asked teachers in our statewide networks to let us know how they’ll be spending summer break. Our final volunteer is Laura Buder, a world languages teacher at Vestavia Hills High School, who defines the goal of summer professional learning as doing enough prep to reduce your stress and increase your confidence in the year to come. Thanks to all our volunteers!

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Teacher Voices: A Good Mentor and a Good Read Will Help New Teachers Ease Some First-Year Stress (Sara Steindorff, Pike Road)

A+ ABPC Program Coordinator Emily Strickland is asking educators how they’ll be spending their summer break. Sara Steindorff, a second grade teacher at Pike Road Elementary, plans to peruse her year-long “highs and lows” journal now that she has some time to reflect more deeply on what worked, what didn’t, and why. She also shares a tip for new teachers that can help relieve stress.

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