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A+ College Ready supports 40 total courses: 24 courses in grades 6-10 and 16 Advanced Placement courses. All curricular materials are housed in Canvas, and contain various templates and strategies for support. All Advanced Placement Course materials are aligned to the College Board's AP Course Exam and Description, and all 6-10 courses (11th grade in math) are aligned to the Alabama Courses of Study.

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While concentrating on the utilization of research-based teaching strategies, A+ College Ready provides social studies teachers with lessons aligned with the Alabama Course of Study and the College Board’s Course and Exam Description. Activities in lessons include critical thinking skills and analysis of primary and secondary sources with an emphasis on close reading. Throughout the curricular resources, students practice historical thinking skills and historical writing with a focus on analysis. Active learning and collaboration are emphasized throughout the lessons.


AP Social Studies

  • AP U. S. History
  • AP U. S. Government and Politics
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP World History: Modern
  • AP Macro Economics
  • AP Psychology

6-12 Social Studies

  • 6th Grade U. S. Studies
  • 7th Grade Civics/Geography
  • 8th Grade World History to 1500
  • 9th Grade World History 1500 to the Present
  • 10th Grade U. S. History
  • 11th Grade U. S. History
  • 12th Grade Government & Economics