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A+ College Ready (A+CR) opens the doors to Advanced Placement (AP) and other challenging coursework for all students. This proven program partners with middle and high schools to develop a diverse pipeline of students prepared for rigorous high school course work, including AP. In grades 6-10, we focus on developing the high expectations, skills, and content needed to prepare students for AP and other rigorous coursework in grades 11 and 12 - and for college, career, and life.

How we achieve this:

  • Increasing the number of students engaged in rigorous coursework that promotes access to higher-level academic classes
  • Increasing access to AP for underrepresented students, giving every student the opportunity to reach their potential
  • Training, supporting, and equipping teachers with research-based teaching strategies, deeper content knowledge, and classroom resources in 35 subjects, including math, science, English, social studies, and computer science
  • Empowering administrators to be more effective instructional leaders


Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Program (APTIP): Our traditional 3-year grant program for high schools and feeder middle schools. High schools and their feeder middle schools (grades 6-10 and those participating in AP courses) receive intensive training, incentives, supplies, and other ongoing support. Overall, this program has impacted over 200 schools, and has created a pipeline of students prepared for the rigor of Advanced Placement coursework, college coursework, and the workforce.

Middle School Training and Incentive Program (MSTIP) - A new pilot program, which is a replication of our traditional APTIP program adapted to increase student achievement in middle schools only. Middle school teachers receive intensive training, incentives, supplies, and other ongoing support.

Individual AP Teacher Training and Incentive Program (ITIP): A program for individual AP teachers who are new to teaching an AP course or wish to expand access and success in their AP courses. Individual teachers receive our high-quality teacher training and ongoing support, incentives, and supplies for their classrooms.




Program Management

Competitive School Selection
School Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
A+ Coordinator Letter of Agreement (LOA)
Teacher Letters of Agreement
Goal Setting, Data Management, & Analysis

Training & Support

E3 Teacher Training & Fall Workshop for grades 6-10 teachers
AP Summer Institute and Fall Conference for AP Teachers
A+ Coordinator & Administrator Training
Content Expert Support for all teachers
Staff Support for Administrators
AP Mock Exam Reading & Scoring

Equipment & Supplies

Equipment, Materials, Supplies for grades 6-10 classrooms
Equipment, Materials, Supplies for AP classrooms
Consumable supplies for teachers for 3 years

Student Support

Student Study Sessions for all AP courses
AP Mock Exams for every AP student
AP Exam Fee Subsidies

Incentives & Rewards

Stipend for teachers who sign Letters of Agreement (LOA)
Stipend for A+ Coordinators
AP Teacher Qualifying Score Stipend
Student $100 gift card for each AP qualifying score
Stipend for Administrators earning ACLD PLU
School recognition for meeting school AP Qualifying score goals

Open Access & Equity

Rigorous Curriculum in grades 6-10 for ALL STUDENTS
Use of data to place students in more rigorous coursework versus excluding students from rigorous coursework
Open Access to Advanced Placement courses