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A program of A+ Education Partnership, A+ College Ready is dedicated to developing effective teachers to educate students at higher levels. It is our goal to increase the number of students in Alabama enrolled in math, science, English, social studies, and Computer Science Advanced Placement (AP) courses, earn qualifying scores on AP exams, and attend and succeed in college. Through our proven program, students and educators are equipped with the tools, resources, and support needed to achieve academic excellence.

Also, through Laying the Foundation (LTF) training and LTF-infused course development, we are able to provide 6th-10th grade educators with the tools they need to prepare students in earlier grades for the rigor of AP, and to successfully teach to the high expectations of Alabama’s College and Career Ready Standards.


Over the past ten years, Alabama has QUADRUPLED the number of students taking AP exams going from 5,327 students in 2008 to 27,575 students in 2018.

After just one year in the A+ College Ready program, 132 Alabama high schools showed an average 105% increase in AP qualifying scores – 17 times the national average.

Efforts have resulted in Alabama ranking #1 in the nation over the past ten years in the percent increase in qualifying scores on AP math, science and English exams.


Over the past ten years, Alabama has led the nation in percentage growth of qualifying AP scores in math, science and English for students overall, and is third in the nation for minority student success. To continue this growth, we’ve added support for a new AP computer science course. Also, we now provide support for social studies educators and students to expand learning opportunities across the curriculum.

The majority of the 85 districts that we serve have significant numbers of children living in poverty. To reach these students, A+ College Ready has recently expanded to a number of these schools to provide support to those that do not have the resources to offer AP courses.

Recognizing the value of this work for all students, the Alabama State Department of Education has partnered with A+ College Ready to provide this training for schools identified as low-performing.