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A program of A+ Education Partnership, A+ College Ready partners with high schools and middle schools to create cultures of high academic expectations for ALL Alabama students, teachers, and administrators. Our goal to "open the doors" to Advanced Placement courses to all students  in math, science, English, social studies, and Computer Science Advanced Placement (AP) so that they can succeed in college, career, and life.


Competitive School Selection

School Memorandum of Agreement

A+ Coordinator Letter of Agreement

Teacher Letters of Agreement

Goal Setting, Data Management, & Analysis

E3 Teacher Training & Fall Workshop for grades 6-10 teachers

AP Summer Institute and Fall Conference for AP Teachers

A+ Coordinator & Administrator Training

Content Expert Support for all teachers

Staff Support for Administrators

Mock Exam Reading & Scoring

Equipment, Materials, Supplies for grades 6-10 for 3 years

Equipment, Materials, Supplies for AP Classrooms for 3 years

Consumable supplies for teachers for 3 years

Saturday Study Sessions for All AP courses

AP Mock Exams for every AP student

AP Exam Subsidies

Stipends for teachers who sign Letters of Agreement

Stipends for A+ Coordinators

AP Teacher Qualifying Score Stipends

Student $100 gift cards for each AP qualifying score

Stipend for Administrators earning ACLD PLU

School recognition for meeting school AP goal

Rigorous Curriculum in grades 6-10 for ALL STUDENTS

Use of data to place students in more rigorous coursework versus excluding students from rigorous coursework

Open Access to Advanced Placement courses


From 2008-2018, Alabama led the nation in percentage growth of qualifying AP scores in math, science and English for students overall, and was third in the nation for minority student success. To continue this growth, we’ve added support for the new AP Computer Science Principals course. Also, we now provide support for social studies educators and students to expand learning opportunities across the curriculum.

The majority of the over 100 districts that we have served have significant numbers of children living in poverty. To reach these students, A+ College Ready works with these schools to provide support, such as test stipends for students, to those who do not have the resources to offer AP courses.


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