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A+ College Ready supports 40 total courses: 24 courses in grades 6-10 and 16 Advanced Placement courses. All curricular materials are housed in Canvas, and contain various templates and strategies for support. All Advanced Placement Course materials are aligned to the College Board's AP Course Exam and Description, and all 6-10 courses (11th grade in math) are aligned to the Alabama Courses of Study.

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AP Computer Science

  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Computer Science A
  • APCSP is an accessible introduction to the many facets of computer science designed to develop interest and broaden participation in computer science. The APCSP curriculum teaches students about algorithms, abstraction, data, the global impact of computing and computing systems and networks, as well as programming as a creative discipline. Students will learn to program in both a block-based language and a text-based language.
  • APCSA is a project-based, high-level Java programming course designed for students with a strong interest in computing. This course features a cohesive storyline starring a group of diverse students traveling the globe, using computing tools to help solve the world's big problems.

A+ College Ready supports both courses with custom curricula built to engage and empower students with numerous opportunities to design and create through computing. Curricular resources include pacing guides, vocabulary, complete lesson plans, activities, projects, assessments and all associated keys and sample solutions.

Middle School Computer Science

  • Middle School Computer Science, Year 1 based on’s Computer Science Discoveries
  • Middle School Computer Science, Year 2

The A+ College Ready Middle School Computer Science course is an introduction to computer science for 6-8th grade students, designed with a focus on building computational thinking skills. The course covers a wide range of computer science topics such as problem solving, design, programming, web development, data, and physical computing. The year 1 curriculum consists of 6 units covering 6 weeks each. The year 2 curriculum consists of 4 interchangeable 9-week long units.

The curricular materials include pacing and lessons, teacher notes, unit overviews, differentiation suggestions, vocabulary, exemplary solutions, strategy templates in varied formats, and more.

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