Jeff Cole of Winston County High School Wins A+ College Ready Power of One Award

“I have watched as teachers, students, and myself shed a tear at the difficulty of what we were doing. I heard the doubts of some, but we pressed on. My purpose in life is to not let my kids close doors.” -Jeff Cole

The Power of One Award recognizes an individual who goes above and beyond to make an impact on Alabama students. Congratulations to Jeff Cole, Principal of Winston County High School, for receiving the A+ College Ready Power of One Award! Jeff Cole encourages his teachers and students to expect more and incites growth at Winston County High School.  We admire Jeff Cole for his constant commitment to enhancing the learning of students at his school.

Before participating in the A+ College Ready program, his students’ ACT scores were in the teens. After utilizing the A+ College Ready curriculum and resources, the average ACT score of his students increased by 3 points. Students improved not only in their learning and ability to retain information but also in their communication and participation in the classroom. Now, they have over 100 students in AP classes. In a single AP class of 24 students, 68% earned college credit. These results demonstrate the impact that the A+ College Ready program and Jeff Cole’s leadership have on not only his students but also Winston County High School as a whole.

“He really prepared us by allowing us to take AP classes but also by challenging us. He always put me in academic situations that made me a little uncomfortable, but that pushed me to be the person I am today.” -Former student, Winston County High School

Jeff Cole’s work at Winston County High School has inspired and will continue to inspire ALL of his students to reach their academic goals and potential. Thank you for all of your hard work, Jeff, and congratulations on your achievements!

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