Marilyn Bryant of Plainview High School Wins A+ College Ready Power of One Award

“When we had our AP tests, Ms. Bryant was here the entire time. It shows that she really cares about us and that she wants us to achieve good things in our lives.” – Ephan Benjume, a student at Plainview High School

Never underestimate the impact one person can have on the lives of others. Congratulations to Marilyn Bryant, Assistant Principal at Plainview High School, for receiving the A+ College Ready Power of One award!  Ms. Bryant has been the engine fueling the amazing growth and success at Plainview High School. We commend Marilyn for her unwavering commitment to transforming learning in her school. 

Ms. Bryant has served as the school’s A+ Coordinator managing the A+ College Ready program at her school. During the 2020-21 school year, the year before Plainview became an A+ College Ready program school, there were 47 students enrolled in AP courses with 12 students earning a qualifying score. In 2022-23, enrollment in AP courses was 144 students with 55 of them earning a qualifying score. This number exceeded the A+ College Ready qualifying score goal for the school and Plainview High School earned the “School of Excellence” Award that year. As Plainview students go back to school this fall, over 200 students will be enrolled in AP courses, a 326% increase from 2020-21!

“Ms. Bryant is great. She really cares about our students and she is knowledgeable and passionate because of her care for students. I’ve never felt she was just here chasing scores. She is active. She’s in classrooms. She’s talking to students in the hallways. And I think they’ve grown to appreciate that.” – Mr. Phil Johnson, AP Biology teacher at Plainview High School

In addition to her amazing work with faculty and staff at Plainview High School, Ms. Bryant has been relentless in her collaboration with Northeast Community College to forge a partnership that is a win-win for their dual enrollment program and the AP program at the high school. This partnership will benefit even more students in her school. Ms. Bryant, thank you for being a champion for students at your school!

Click here to watch a video detailing her commitment to students.