Welcome Cohort XIII!

The A+ College Ready Team would like to wish every teacher, student, and administrator a Happy School Year! We are excited for all of the learning and growing in store for our teachers and students!

2020 is a big year! In addition to implementing our new Middle School Pilot program and Individual Advanced Placement Teacher Training program, we are growing our proven original AP Training and Incentive program! Join us in welcoming our new cohort, Cohort 13 (listed below)! Each of these schools has joined A+ College Ready as a Program School, and has already participated in our rigorous virtual summer E3 training. These schools, along with their listed feeder middle schools, will work with us during the next three school years to accomplish these goals:

  • implement AP courses in math, science, English, social studies and computer science,
  • increase the number of students enrolled in and earning new AP qualifying scores,
  • aggressively expand enrollment in courses in 6th-11th grade that prepare students for AP courses and to create a pipeline of students prepared for college-level work,
  • and significantly increase the number of students meeting critical college-ready benchmarks on ACT-based assessments.

Cohort 13:

Bullock County High School (Feeder School: South Highlands Middle)

Central High School of Clay County

Charles Henderson High School of Troy City (Feeder School: Charles Henderson Middle)

Choctaw County High School (Feeder School: Choctaw Middle)

Geraldine High School of Dekalb County

Selma High School (Feeder Schools: School of Discovery & RB Hudson STEAM Academy)

Skyline High School of Jackson County

Southern Choctaw High School of Choctaw County (Feeder School: Southern Choctaw Elem)

Winfield High School (Feeder School: Winfield Middle)

Additionally, four schools were selected to participate as Pipeline Schools. These schools will institute an aggressive training program designed to increase the number of students succeeding in rigorous coursework in an effort to prepare for a full implementation of Advanced Placement courses the following year.

Pipeline Schools:

Geneva High School

University Charter School

AL School of Cyber Technology & Engineering

Winston County High School

We are elated that these leaders and classroom teachers have chosen to implement this program in order to raise expectations for every one of their students. We look forward to what can be accomplished for Alabama students as a result of these new partnerships. Welcome to the program and have a great year! #ExpectMore20