A+ College Ready Summer Training Goes Virtual

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of change and uncertainty this year. After much deliberation, A+ College Ready will transition its face-to-face summer training to a virtual format. The A+ College Ready Team will still provide the high-quality, engaging training experience that participants depend on. Participants will also gain access to the same curricular materials that would have been available in the face-to-face training.



A+ College Ready is streamlining the number of courses that will be offered.  You can find the complete list of courses offered HERE and anyone may register for these courses at www.aplusala.org/college-ready/events.


ADDITIONALLY, the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) is sponsoring teacher participation in the following courses. Any Alabama teacher may register for training at no cost to the teacher or his/her school district.  These courses are offered at ALL SIX of the Summer Sessions of Virtual Training:


Computer Science
Middle School Computer Science (formerly CS Discoveries)
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science A (only offered in Session 2)
NOTE:  Successful completion of one of these training experiences will result in the teacher earning a PERMIT which will count as the credential needed to be certified to teach that course to students in Alabama schools.
Math–Courses based on the 2019 Course of Study Mathematics
Math 7/Accelerated Math 7 (both courses in one training session)
Geometry with Data Analysis
Algebra I with Probability
Algebra II with Statistics (Note:  this training only is a ONE-DAY training focused specifically on the statistics standards in Algebra II in the new math course of study)
Note:  Teachers may attend more than one session for training in two or more courses if they wish.
If you have questions, reach out to [email protected].