A+ Education Partnership’s 2023 Legislative Agenda

The 2023 Regular Legislative Session resumes next week (April 4th) following a Special Session to appropriate federal ARPA funding and the Legislature’s spring break week. As always, education will be a priority.

The Legislature has made great strides in the past few years to improve public education, passing legislation such as the Alabama Literacy Act and the Alabama Numeracy Act, teacher pay raises, and record budgets. We are excited to support the momentum in the Legislature to improve education by laying out our own vision for what’s possible. Click here to see our full agenda, including a deeper dive into the research behind each priority.

A+ Education Partnership is working to build an Alabama where:

  • Every child has a strong start.
  • Every child can read.
  • Every child can do math on grade level.
  • Every school has a high-impact principal and effective teachers.
  • Every student has access to high-quality, transformative schools.
  • Every student has the resources they need to be successful.
  • Every student is college and career ready and has access to pathways to economic mobility.

A+ is working to ensure every Alabama child receives a world-class education, regardless of circumstance. This session, we are looking forward to working with decision-makers on the following:

  • Education Budget (SB 88) Action Items:
  • Continue to invest in the Alabama Literacy Act
  • Increase investments in the Alabama Numeracy Act
  • Increase funding for Computer Science
  • Expand access to Advanced Placement courses
  • Expand access to Alabama’s First Class Pre-K program
  • Expand access to high-quality summer and afterschool programs

Education Policy Action Items:

  • Pass the Alabama Credential Quality and Transparency Act to build high-quality career pathways (HB109)
  • Recruit, develop, and support highly-effective principals (Bill not yet filed)
  • Remove three-cueing from literacy instruction, a harmful reading instruction strategy not based on the science of reading (Bill not yet filed)
  • Modify the charter law to support high-quality charter schools (Bill not yet filed)

Education policy can be complicated, and we strive to be a resource to educators, policymakers, and communities invested in improving outcomes for students. Check out the A+ Policy Portal, follow us on social media (@aplusala), and subscribe to The Gist, our weekly education newsletter, to learn more about and stay up to date on education policy.