Thank you, Alabama Teachers.

Thank you, Alabama teachers. As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season during yet another school year impacted by COVID-19, that phrase seems all too necessary. 

During the second annual #ThankALTeachers Week, the A+ Team is incredibly thankful for the hard work, compassion, and dedication you have shown our students during COVID-19 and beyond. We know that well-supported teachers are critical to the success of our students. Quite literally, without you, our entire education system would crumble. 

Through both our advocacy and our professional learning programs, A+ College Ready and the Alabama Best Practices Center, we work to ensure that every teacher has what they need, not just to succeed in the classroom, but to change students’ lives day after day. 

You have the most important job in the world: caring for and preparing the next generation who will be our future leaders. It’s no secret that in recent years, this job has become even more difficult. Each and every one of us owes you a deep debt of gratitude for prioritizing our students and their needs, especially during a time when their needs are greater and more complicated than ever before. 

From the A+ Team to every teacher in our state: Thank You. And enjoy your coming holiday season with a well-deserved, much-needed break!


Mark E. Dixon