A+ College Ready Embarks on Its Second Decade Under New Leadership | Honors Mary Boehm

Mary Boehm
, president of A+ College Ready since its creation, has been the powerful engine behind the growth and development of the A+ College Ready (A+CR) program. After 10 years of dedication to Alabama’s schools, teachers and students, Mary has transitioned her role within A+ Education Partnership. She will now focus on development, initiating new strategic partnerships, and strengthening computer science opportunities. She will also be on hand to ensure the smooth transition of the A+CR program under new leadership.


“After a decade of building A+CR, I am thrilled that two exceptional education leaders have emerged to lead A+CR through the next decade and beyond. This is the right time to establish a new leadership structure for this powerful program,” said Boehm.


The operational work of A+CR will now by led by Tammy Dunn, Chief Academic Officer, [email protected] and Teri Thompson, Chief Program Officer, [email protected].


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“Clearly Mary was the right leader for the creation of A+CR. She exceeded our original expectations for increasing access and success in Advanced Placement with her determination to prepare all students for rigorous work. Words cannot express how appreciative we are for all she has done for Alabama’s children,” said Caroline Novak, president of A+ Education Partnership.


It all began in 2007, when Alabama was selected as one of six states to receive a $13 million grant from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI).  A+ Education Partnership, the applicant for the grant, created A+ College Ready and named Boehm as President to lead this new teacher training and stipend program.


During Boehm’s tenure, the program went from a single-focused Advanced Placement initiative to a program designed to help ALL Alabama students meet and exceed the college readiness benchmarks. She helped expand this initiative deeper into the earlier grades by guiding the development of curriculum infused with the NMSI’s “Laying The Foundation” strategies. This expansion raised the bar for more Alabama 6th – 10th graders, challenging them with higher-level work and preparing them for success in Advanced Placement courses as they progress through high school. The A+CR program also expanded to include social studies and computer science.


As Boehm worked tirelessly to ensure the quality of, and best possible outcomes for the A+ College Ready program, she leaves an incredible legacy and a high bar for her successors. Under her leadership, Alabama has ranked #1 nationally for the past 8 years in percentage growth in AP math, science, and English qualifying scores.


“It is our goal to build on the foundation that has been laid in this first decade,” said Tammy and Teri in a joint statement, “and to continue to raise expectations and achievement for Alabama’s students.”