State’s Public Charter School Policy Ranked Among Nation’s Best

Alabama’s state policy for allowing public charter schools has been ranked fourth inthe nation for quality by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers in its 2015 State Policy Analysis.

Alabama’s law, which was passed in March of this year includes provisions that lay the foundation for strong public charter schools, according to NACSA. However, the report is clear that Alabama still has work to do, noting that other states have had good policies and lackluster charter school performance, and vice versa.

“NACSA encourages the state to continue with thoughtful implementation and development of high-quality authorizer practices. Strong statutes identified in this report, as well as a robust charter school petition and evaluation process also defined in law, will help Alabama authorizers conduct rigorous front-end quality controls to get this new sector off to a strong start.”

The analysis and ranking are based on a rubric evaluating of eight “cornerstones” of good authorizer policy in states’ laws, regulations and/or rules:

1. Who Authorizes

2. Authorizer Standards

3. Authorizer Evaluations

4. Authorizer Sanctions

5. Reports on Performance

6. Performance Management & Replication

7. Renewal Standard

8. Default Closure

Alabama received 31 points out of a total possible 33 points