Funding Opportunity for Expanding Arts Education

A+ believes that arts education should be an essential part of a student’s  education. Yet, because of the lack of funding, many schools are not able to make this a reality for their students.

To address this concern, the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) is offering grants to schools to expand quality arts education for their students.
Statewide, 613 of Alabama’s 1,526 public schools offer art classes, according to the ALSDE. In a recent article in The Anniston Star, Dennis Inhulsen, president of the National Art Education Association, said visual art is necessary to provide a well-rounded education.

“In the absence of art education, are they really getting a complete education?” he said. “They should have physical education, art, music education, technology education, etc….” (Source: Anniston Star, 10-27-14)

Alabama schools will be awarded the ALSDE grant through a competitive process, and can receive up to $25,000 for their proposals. Schools that leverage other resources will be given strong consideration.

“It is incredibly amazing to me, and a testament to the commitment of the ALSDE to work with us to provide quality arts education for our students, that this has happened in record time,” said Diana Green, M.F.A., the Arts in Education Program Manager with the Alabama State Council on the Arts.

Please be sure to share this announcement with schools and organizations that may be looking for ways to create or enhance local schools’ arts programs.

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