Huntsville PTA President Works to Dispel Urban Legends on Common Core

The President of the Huntsville Parent Teacher Association, Elisa Ferrell, has created a special section on the organization’s website to help inform and educate parents on the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards, which are based on the Common Core State Standards.

In her first article on this issue, “Part 1 – Urban Legends,” Ferrell compares the grapevine of information on Common Core to the children’s game, Telephone, where information is passed from person to person and the end result is very different from the first message.

The main point Ferrell makes is that parents (and all education stakeholders) should validate all information that they are receiving. When she has attempted to do this with information being shared by opponents of Common Core, she has discovered time and again that most of the information is not accurate.

Ferrell also provides in the article links to resources for parents to check facts for themselves.

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