Senate Education Committee Votes to Repeal Alabama Standards

Wednesday morning (April 17th), the Senate Education Committee voted —through a controversial voice vote—to repeal Alabama’s College and Career Ready Standards.

This vote took place despite the wishes of business and military leaders, and parents and educators who are united in their support for holding students to rigorous academic standards. The vote also ignores the exhaustive process the State Board of Education used in 2010—and always uses—to adopt new standards.

This bill, SB403, will now move to the full Senate. If it passes, the bill would then have to be given favorable report in a House committee and passed by the full House.

Please contact your senators and representatives, and talk with them about the benefit of Alabama’s CCRS. The standards are improving teaching and learning. That will help the economy and improve all of Alabama. You can find contact information for your legislators by using this link: