Report Ranks Alabama #1 in Reading Progress

A recent report from the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) ranks Alabama as the leader in the nation for improvements in reading scores, and shows positive progress in closing the achievement gap.

“These gains are an important step forward and confirm that many of the policies Alabama has adopted are making a difference,” said SREB President Dave Spence in a Huntsville Times article published yesterday.

Other important achievements highlighted in the report include:

  • Alabama public pre-k program is one of only five in the nation to meet all 10 nationall recognized standards of quality.
  • Alabama increased the percentage of students who moved successfully from ninth to 12th grades.
  • Alabama increased its high school graduation rate, outpacing the region and the nation.
  • More Alabama high school graduates enrolled in college as compared to all U.S. grads.
  • More Alabama first-year college freshman returned for their second year in comparison to the regional numbers.
  • Alabama’s average starting salary for teachers exceeded the region and the nation, making it a very competitive place to recruit new teachers.

Click here to download the full SREB report, “A Decade of Progress.”