Alabama State Department of Education Investigates Birmingham School Board

The State Department of Education is investigating the Birmingham Board of Education due to “a pattern of decision making, action, and inaction that has impeded or prevented” the system’s operations. The State Board of Education passed a resolution authorizing the investigation last week.

The SDE’s move prevents the BBOE from making any consequential decisions regarding the school system until the investigation is complete.

“Until my review is complete, I expect no action to be taken by the Birmingham board or any of its officials that would disrupt or interfere with the investigation or with the execution of the Birmingham board’s administrative or educational functions,” wrote State Superintendent Tommy Bice in a letter addressed to BBOE President Edward Maddox, according to a Birmingham News story from April 13 explaining the investigation.

The move prevents the BBOE from terminating the contract of Superintendent Craig Witherspoon. On Tuesday April 10, the BBOE almost did that and was only stopped due to procedural confusion during the meeting.

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