A+ College Ready Preparing to Reach More Students in the Fall

A+ College Ready plans to expand into ten additional high schools in 2012-13, pending confirmation that the initiative is fully funded in the state’s budget.

“We are excited about the opportunity to move our students up to the next level of their abilities,” remarked Dr. Shelly N. Mize, Superintendent for the Tarrant Board of Education, following the recent Tarrant High School application review.

A+College Ready staff and content specialists are currently traveling the state to interview and evaluate 27 schools that submitted an application. Adding ten more schools will bring the number of A+CR participating schools in Alabama to 74.

“Our program is included in both the governor’s and the State Department of Education’s budget proposals,” said Mary Boehm, A+ College Ready (A+CR) President. “We are moving forward with hopeful anticipation of being in the final budget, in which case our schools will be ready.”

Schools apply for inclusion in the cohorts, and are selected based on their commitment to increasing participation and success in Advanced Placement math, science and English courses. Applicant reviewers meet with school leaders and participating teachers to explore their capacity to successfully implement the initiative and to gauge buy-in from the entire system – from the superintendent to the students.

The ten schools that will make up Cohort 5 will be selected by mid-April, and A+CR will begin working with them immediately to prepare for the upcoming school year.