Alabama School Highlighted in New Book

A new book, written by Karin Chenowith, features Mobile’s George Hall Elementary and its principal Terri Tomlinson. The book, titled Getting it Done: Leading Academic Success in Unexpected Schools, features success stories from high-poverty and high-minority schools across the nation.

A few excerpts from the book include:

  • “George Hall’s Terri Tomlinson summed up the attitude of all It’s Being Done principals when she said, ‘We understand why a student might not do well on a test. But if all the students don’t do well, that’s got to reflect back on the teacher. We don’t ever blame students in this building—in fact, we do not try to place any blame. What we do is look for solutions.” (pp. 101-102)
  • “Similarly Terri Tomlinson of George Hall Elementary said that she always listens to the ideas of teachers about how to solve problems, ‘because they’re much smarter than I am.’ Her respect for teachers’ expertise does not mean she ever lets go of her role as the person who sets performance standards, but she encourages teachers to try new things that they can demonstrate have some chance of working and which can be judged against some kind of performance data.” (p. 160)

Click here to read more about Getting It Done and to purchase a copy of the book.

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