The Case for Common College and Career Ready Standards for Alabama

Download the Policy Brief, “The Case for Common College and Career Ready Standards for Alabama”


The Common Core State Standards provide consistent and clear learning goals for all students in grades K-12 for English Language Arts and Mathematics, regardless of where they live. The state-led standards drafting process relied on standards experts from throughout the country, and included multiple opportunities for feedback from states and the public, allowing for the most thoughtful and transparent development process. The standards are designed to be rigorous and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that young people need to be ready for success in college and careers.

Developed in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders including content experts, state department staff, teachers, school administrators, parents and members of the higher education and business communities, the standards are:

  • aligned with college and workforce training expectations
  • built upon the strengths of current state standards
  • evidence- and research-based
  • informed by the standards of other top performing countries so that all children are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society.

States voluntarily participated in the standards development process and are voluntarily adopting the Common Core State Standards. The federal government has had no role in the development of the Standards.