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Powerful Conversations Network


The Powerful Conversations Network (PCN) connects teachers to each other to hone their knowledge and skills and improve  teaching and learning. Jackie Walsh's new book Questioning for Formative Feedback will be the guiding text for the 2022-2023 school year. This new book features videos of Alabama teachers from all over the state and builds on the importance of student engagement and success through questioning. Specifically, we’ll focus on helping schools develop and/or strengthen prioritized instructional strategies to build on the work from The New Art and Science of Teaching.



Meetings will offer: 

  • In-person and virtual learning
  • Intentional networking of teachers from across the state
  • Three full-day, in-person meetings with colleagues from across your region
  • Responsiveness and flexibility to meet district and school needs throughout the year
  • ALSDE Clock Hours awarded upon completion
  • ACLD approved PLUs awarded to those who meet the meeting requirements


Program Components

We offer our networks a blended learning structure predominantly comprised of 3 full-day in-person sessions and supplemented with virtual learning opportunities. For the 2022-2023 school year, we will also be introducing a virtual networking tool called Circle. This will allow our members to connect with colleagues across the state that are also involved in our networks. It will also allow us to provide timely updates, share impactful resources, and pose thoughtful discussion questions. 

Team Structure

We recommend school-based teams of 3-6 with at least one administrator. Districts frequently send teams from multiple schools to ensure broader implementation of the learning.


The cost for participating in PCN is $500/person

***The Powerful Conversations Network is on the SDE approved list for use of ESSER funds***


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