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Teacher Voices: Highly Prepared Educators Can Give All Our Students Access to Computer Science Skills and Careers by Pam McClendon, Computer Science Teacher Leader

Thanks to Alabama’s professional development programs for Computer Science teachers, career tech educator Pam McClendon has become a skilled CS teacher leader, committed to opening career doors for students and realizing the vision that all Alabama youth today need to gain some mastery of coding and computer science skills.

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Teacher Voices: Broadening Student Participation in Computer Science Helps Meet Alabama’s Workforce Needs by Brenda Richardson, Computer Science Educator

Making computer science education a priority begins by assuring equitable access in every Alabama high school. When you walk into Brenda Richardson’s classroom at Decatur City’s Austin High School, “you see a diverse population of students, representative of our student population as a whole. I think it is extremely powerful when students can look around their class and see such diversity. We are breaking CS stereotypes at Austin High!”

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Teacher Voices: All Our Students Need an Early Introduction to Computer Science by Computer Science Teacher, Eleson Tanton

Why teach Computer Science to all our students? At its core, computer science “is just the methods by which we teach a machine to perform tasks based on our instructions,” writes CS teacher Eleson Tanton. By showing students how the same process can be applied to their own learning, we can help them integrate skills and knowledge into a more productive life.

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