Alabama Students During Teacher Appreciation Week: “What We Appreciate About Our Teachers!”

Jill Edwards huddles with appreciative students.

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and who can better appreciate educators than their own students? We invited some Instructional Partners across our Alabama Best Practices Center professional learning networks to gather testimonies from kids in their schools about their favorite teachers.

Our thanks to Instructional Partner (IP) Sara King at E.R. Dickson Elementary School (Mobile County), Assistant Principal and former IP Jill Edwards at Harlan Elementary School (Florence City), and Dottye Armstrong at Oxford Middle School (Oxford City) for pulling together a representative sample of the appreciation so many Alabama students feel for the teachers who lead their learning throughout the school year.

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3rd Grade Teacher Sande McBryde with Jacob Flores.

Jacob Flores:
Mrs. McBryde always has hands-on activities that help me learn. She is funny and sweet. I know we are going to do something fun every day in her classroom!

IP Sara King:
Mrs. McBryde is an exceptional teacher who embodies the characteristics of a truly energized and passionate educator. She is creative, transformative and multi-directional in her approach to teaching in her classroom. She goes over and beyond the call of duty to bring learning experiences to life for her students!








Student Macie Williams:

I value Mrs. Betsy Galloway because she helps me make my work better. She relates what we are learning and doing in history class to real life.






Student Celia Maniscalco:

The teacher that has helped me the most is my English teacher Brandon Dorsett. Mr. Dorsett helps me stay concentrated in class. He has taught me a lot of new things this year that I did not know. He has been a big inspiration to me this year.






Student Kristyn Rowe:

A teacher that I really appreciate is my choir teacher, Mrs. Caylen Stewart. She has taught us how to work together to accomplish a goal and be a leader to the people around us. She also makes us try our best no matter what and she inspires us to try our hardest for choir concerts, state assessment, and any other choir events we participate in. I’m very grateful for her.





Student Karmari Parki:

Mr. Trent Phillips is more than just a teacher; he is someone who wishes to help others, to help the world. When Mr. Phillips teaches science, he explains how we can use these things to make a positive impact on society. Above all, he’s taught me how to have empathy and to think about saving this world for the people after us.





Student Charles Wright:

My English teacher Mrs. Emily Doyle helps me be a better person. She helps me with a lot of things not just reading. She takes time with not just me but everybody.






Student Berkley Mooney:

I value Mrs. Jaici Lott, my 7th grade English teacher, because she is always willing to help me, and is very kind.






Student Landon:

I appreciate Ms. Courtney King in 7th grade science because she is a very fun and creative teacher and gives it her all to help us understand the material we are given.






Student Katie:

I value Mrs. Patti Mixon because she helped me reach my goals and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.






Student Hannah Grace Robbins:

My teacher DeAnna Hanks motivates me to do my best and will call me out when she knows I can do better. She also inspires me to have leadership, set an example for others, and do the right thing even when others around me might not.







Aubree and Adriana share their appreciation with kindergarten teacher Jenny Horton.

Aubree: “She is the best teacher in the world.”

Adriana: “I like that you teach a lot. I love the classroom.”





Smora, a student of kindergarten teacher Dara Pettus, made a promise.

Dear Mrs. Pettus. Thank you for the things you do. You make me happy. I love you. I will be good for the rest of the day.






Claire declared her kindergarten teacher Tara Darwin’s awesomeness.

You are the best teacher in the world. You are awesome. I love you for the things that you do!!!!






Emori chose her reading teacher, Ms. Amanda Davis, as the teacher she appreciates most.

Ms. Davis is nice. I love her. She is the best teacher in the world.







Nevaeh is a third grader in Mrs. Mollie Nichols’ class at Harlan Elementary.

You are the greatest teacher of all the teachers. Do you know why? Because when I was sad you made me happy. When I was bullyed you told me to don’t listen and it worked. And that is why you are the great teacher of all.






Aidan Thompson expressed his appreciation to his third grade teacher Colleen Price who excited him about mathematics.

Dear Mrs. Price, you are one of the best teachers. Math is great and I would love to learn more. I would love to learn more multiplucation, area, perimiter, and graphs. I appreciate all the fun things we do in math. I hope you have a great summer.






Kavian singled out Mrs. LaSharmanette Fortenberry Johnson.

You are special to me because you are nice and kindful. I wish you were a 4th grade teacher because I want to be in your class again. She gets mad only if you play in her class or if you annoy her. I love her.






Angel, a Harlan fourth grader, harked back to preschool by recognizing PreK teacher Abby Taylor.

You get to work with such amazing preschoolers! I really admire your cooperation with children. You are a super teacher because you get to work with preschoolers. Not many teachers can do that. You are AMAZING.






Lynijah also looked back to earlier grades and remembered her 3rd teacher Mrs. Price.

You are the best teacher I ever had. You made math more. Without you, I would have hated math. I thank you for all you do.






Ashten Keefer sang her praises to her fourth grade teacher Natasha Crawford.

You have helped me with stuff I needed help with. You know how to take control over the kids when they are being loud or not doing what they’re supposed to. Some continue but that’s because they do not have respect! You keep going when it’s hard and you try your best. I appreciate your help!






Malia also shared her appreciation of Natasha Crawford’s fourth grade classroom.

I am so thankful to have you as a teacher because you always help me when I don’t understand something. Also, another reason I am thankful is because you’ve given us a reading education. Thank you for motivating me.






J’haye thanked her most influential teacher ever, Ms. Fortenberry Johnson, from the perspective of fourth grade.

You are so special to me!! I am so thankful to you because you gave me discipline to fix my mistakes from wrong to right. You also help me and other kids get home safely when you monitor the bus and take names. I am also thankful for you because you are a wonderful math teacher and you help students get a good education. Thank you for being the best teacher ever. Your smile brightens up the whole school!




 Thanks to all these students who appreciate their teachers every day!