“E3” Summer Training Begins in Ozark

The teachers at Carroll High School went back to school this week to participate in “E3” summer training June 4th – 7th.  A+ College Ready led the development of this high-quality, intensive professional learning opportunity for Alabama’s educators.

“The 212 committed and enthusiastic teachers at the Carroll High School training have admirably chosen to spend a week of their summer with us to further develop their teaching craft,” said Teri Thompson, A+CR vice president for operations. “We’ve developed a curricular framework for them infused with strategies designed to increase rigor in the classroom for all students, and to make higher-level learning engaging and relevant.”

A+ College Ready (A+CR) describes E3 training as a “content-based, pedagogy-driven, teacher-to-teacher training, designed to Equip teachers with the methods, tools, and resources needed to Empower students to be engaged and motivated learners so that we may Expect More for education in Alabama.”  (E3©)

A+CR, a program of the A+ Education Partnership, was initially created with a $13.2 million grant from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) in 2008 to implement a proven college-readiness and Advanced Placement (AP)* Initiative in public schools throughout Alabama.

The NMSI’s “Laying the Foundation” lessons serve as the basis for A+CR’s E3 teacher training in math, science, and English for grades 6 – 10, and in 11th grade pre-calculus.

“Over the past decade, A+CR has evolved to expand its work into middle school grades to help more students be prepared, confident and successful in AP courses and other rigorous coursework when they move up to high school,” explains Tammy Dunn, vice president for academic affairs. “Even students who choose not to take AP courses – or who have future plans other than attending a 4-year college – will have access to instruction that supports the development of the foundational skills and knowledge needed to be prepared for success on any post-high school path they choose.”

*Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board.