Teacher Compensation

In Alabama, teacher salaries are strictly based on teachers’ highest degree and number of years of experience. Other states use different systems. Some of these systems offer incentives for improving student achievement, some offer incentives for teaching in schools or subjects that have a shortage of teachers, and some use a combination of these and other factors. 

2012-2013 Alabama Minimum Teacher Salary Matrix:

Type of Certification
Years of Publc School ExperienceNoneBachelor’sMaster’s6-yearDoctorate
less than 336,14436,14441,56444,81848,071
3 but less than 639,75639,75645,72049,29752,877
6 but less than 941,49741,49747,72151,47055,191
9 but less than 1242,05342,05348,36252,14855,932
12 but less than 1542,81842,81849,32853,09356,949
15 but less than 1843,79443,79450,36454,30558,244
18 but less than 2144,36044,36051,01255,05558,999
21 but less than 2444,92644,92651,66655,70859,752
24 but less than 2745,46145,46152,20156,24560,288
27 or more45,99745,99752,73756,78060,824

Source: Alabama State Department of Education