Effective School and District Leadership

Research shows that effective leadership plays a vital role in student achievement. Further improving recruitment, training, evaluation, and ongoing professional development for school and district leaders is paramount to improving Alabama’s schools.

What A+ is doing to help:
  • The Alabama Best Practices Center, a division of A+, works directly with school leadership to implement proven practices that improve student learning.
  • The Superintendent Leaders Network, a partnership between the Alabama Best Practices Center and superintendents, connects superintendents to learn and share experiences.
  • Since 2003, A+ has partnered with the Governor’s Congress on School Leadership to develop policies to more effectively target, recruit, prepare, support, evaluate and compensate school leaders.
  • A+ successfully advocated for performance contracts for principals, leadership standards, career-long benchmarks, redesigned principal preparation, two years of mentoring for new principals, standards-based professional development, and innovation districts.
  • A+ is working for financial rewards for significant improvement and charter schools.