Digital Learning

Digital Learning refers to the interactive use of technology in the classroom as a tool for education. This may involve digital textbooks, making technology such as personal laptops or tablets available for students, distance learning via webcam, or even finding innovative ways to use technology already available.


  • Getting Smart – Getting Smart’s mission is to advance innovations in learning. They advocate to accelerate the shift to Digital Learning in K-12 education, post-secondary, and informal learning opportunities for children. This site includes resources, policy briefs, and news dealing with expanding Digital Learning.
  • Education Sector: Virtual Learning – Education Sector is an independent think tank that is committed to making a measurable impact on education poilcy. This site has reports, policy briefs, and blog posts about expanding Digital Learning in classrooms.
  • The 411 on Digital Learning: Education Next – This site has articles and blog posts about Digital Learning.
  • Edutopia: Technology Integration in Education – Edutopia aims to transform learning, and one of their stratgies is by helping teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. This site has links explaining the importance of expanding Digital Learning and showing strategies schools can use to do so.
  • eSchool News – eSchool News is a monthly newsletter that highlights news dealing with Digital Learning across the country. Go here to subscribe to eSchool news, browse through the archives, or view their many other Digital Learning resources.

What Technology Companies are Doing to Help: