An A+ Holiday Message | Thank You, Alabama Students, for Giving Us Hope!

When we think of the past year, there have certainly been challenges. We’ve witnessed a world becoming increasingly divided, and often feel helplessness in our efforts to return to civility, kindness, cooperation and humanity.

But what gives us hope are our children. Every child is brought into the world as a gift for new possibilities, with unique gifts, talents and interests in the world around them.

As soon as children are born, they begin learning through exploration and experience guided by their parents. When they enter school, the education community and teachers begin to play an important role in their growth. With excellent, devoted teachers at every stage of their lives, children’s hope is boundless, and so is ours. Not only are great teachers developing tomorrow’s leaders academically, they are also fostering curiosity, collaboration and civility.

Thank you so much for supporting our work to develop great teachers who are placed in the very critical role of developing each child. As you consider your end-of-year gifts, remember that every contribution you make to our work is an important investment into the hope for tomorrow.

With our deepest thanks, and sincerest blessings for the New Year,

Your friends at A+ Education Partnership, A+ College Ready, and the Alabama Best Practices Center