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Covid Summer: How A+ College Ready Transitioned to Virtual Professional Learning

Over its 12-year history, A+ College Ready has been highly successful in offering face-to-face professional learning programs for teachers, writes Vice President for Academic Affairs Tammy Dunn. But the 2020 pandemic forced Tammy’s team to adapt all they do to a virtual learning format. Sharing five lessons learned, she says “many things are going to be different in the future because of our experiences of the last six months.”

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Alabama’s Schools and Students Have an Important Role to Play in the U.S. Census This Year

Every 10 years the U.S. Census determines how many representatives each state gets in Congress, and how billions of dollars in federal funding gets spent. Schools, roads, and other important things in Alabama will gain – or lose – funding over the next 10 years depending on this official population tally. Governor Ivey and the Alabama Counts organization are urging educators and schools to get our students involved!

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