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Home Bound? Try This Simple Learning Activity You Can Do with Family or Students

When Cathy Gassenheimer heard her Nashville family members were engaged in a fun learning activity during their social isolation, you can guess what happened next, right? She asked her 15-year old grandson Ren Peters to write a blog – and, of course, she provided guiding questions. Cathy encourages you to adapt, expand, and celebrate this learning pastime, around your dinner table or in your remote teaching with students.

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Pursuing Your Goal to Become a Strong and Committed Writer

Do you want to become a more confident and prolific writer? Maybe you’d like to really commit to a professional blog, or publish an article about a successful practice, or even write a book for educators – or a novel! Whatever your reasons for polishing your writing skills, John Norton shares some resources that can help.

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What Stories Do We Tell About Our Schools?

ABPC blog editor John Norton points readers to an EdWeek column on the contrasting stories Americans tell about public education – and their consequences. Long-time reform leader Marc Tucker shares his belief that “The two major narratives around schools divide us from seeing the truth and making the change that is really needed.”

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Preparing Our Students for an A.I. World We Can Hardly Imagine

The rise of artificial intelligence may not be on your radar yet, but it’s hard to imagine a more pressing community-wide education discussion, writes ABPC consultant John Norton. “Alabama, with its significant presence of high-tech businesses and industries, has a deep well of knowledgeable professionals who are already seeing AI spread and can enrich those discussions.”

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