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The Alabama Best Practices Center works to help teachers and district & school leaders develop the competence, commitment, and courage to do whatever it takes to improve student learning.

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Professional Learning Blog

Curiosity Can Be Our Superpower

“I’ve come to see that curiosity is not simply one more tool in the engagement toolkit but an innate human trait that can help all of us in a multitude of ways,” writes Cathy Gassenheimer. “Because I now believe curiosity to be a kind of superpower that we can all tap into, I’ve created a guide to some of the ways we can put it to good use.”

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Our 2021-22 PCN Guiding Text: Marzano’s Expanded Vision of The New Art and Science of Teaching

Guided by Marzano’s expanded vision and based on the work of ABPC’s diverse design team, the Powerful Conversations Network will meet educators where they are in 2021-22. PCN will support the challenges of bouncing forward after a very difficult 18 months. Participants will collaborate as they identify essential standards, share ways to re-engage students, and develop authentic tasks that help all our young people become effective and confident learners.

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Brain Research: Sleeping and Dreaming Help Us Learn and Remember

Many of us are fascinated with the content of our dreams. The recent book When Brains Dream: Exploring the Science and Mystery of Sleep pulls back the covers to share the understandings of two prominent sleep scientists – not only about dreams but about how vital the sleep cycle is to sorting and remembering what we learn.

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