Announcing the Better Practices | Brighter Students Podcast!

We are excited to announce our brand new Better Practices, Brighter Students podcast! When it comes to centering students and accelerating their learning, we understand that the knowledge is in the room. We believe every child should have access to a world-class education. This podcast elevates educator voices so that we are learning together and collaborating for better outcomes for all students. This podcast is a production of the Alabama Best Practices Center and A+ Education Partnership. 


In each episode, we will learn together a topic or strategy related to education, school leadership, and classroom instruction. Everything we do centers on our students – and making a big impact in their lives.  

According to, there are currently 464.7 million podcast listeners globally, listening to over 5 million podcasts with over 70 million episodes between them as of January 2023. The podcast listening audience is growing nearly 30% each year, and new podcasts are constantly being added. The popularity of podcasts is partly due to convenience, ease of access, and the need to multitask in today’s fast-paced world. Personally, I like to listen while I drive, exercise, or clean. 

At ABPC, we didn’t decide to join this platform just to be another voice in the desert. We wanted to offer easily accessible content from some of the top thinkers in education with a networked learning slant. These short, powerful conversations provide a way for our listeners to hear about current trends in the field of education from top experts in their own voices. 

Our first episode features instructional coaching guru Jim Knight, who shares all about his 7 Factors for Success for Effective Instructional Coaching. We are using his new book The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching for our 201 level of the Instructional Partners Network in January. If you are an instructional coach, administrator, teacher, or anyone who has conversations with other people, we highly recommend that you take 20 minutes to listen to Jim talk about what he has learned about coaching over his career.

Click here to listen on Anchor.