Let’s All Give Extra Thanks to Our Alabama Teachers This Week

Now, more than ever, people understand the value and importance of teachers. Because of the pandemic, our often unsung heroes are working double-time to reach their students.

Sometimes those children, tweens, and teens are in the same room. Other times, they are learning remotely. And some teachers have both in-class and virtual students. Whatever the situation, our Alabama educators are rising to help us meet this crisis.

Teachers are the backbone of our society as they educate our next generation. These are words we often hear, to the point that they may seem cliched. But in these terribly challenging times, their truth has never been more apparent and set out in bold relief.

As we look across Alabama and see the personal sacrifices so many teachers are making as they work every day to help students reach their full potential, it’s important to underscore how critical their work is to every child and every family.

Research shows that access to a high quality teacher is the most important variable in student learning. We’re all aware of the many critical factors that impact learning, but teachers continue to be the most important, and they deserve our gratitude and appreciation. The next time you see a teacher, thank them for ALL they do. (Learn more about how to thank Alabama teachers here.)

What the kids say

During this week of extra-special celebration for all that teachers mean to Alabama, I want to share once again a powerful and affirming post from May of 2019, when we asked a selection of students to comment on what their favorite teachers have meant to them. Each student is pictured with their teacher, and their words will inspire you!

Alabama Student Voices:
“What We Appreciate About Our Teachers!”

Stoney’s Snippet

In closing, I also want to share this new Snippet from my invaluable colleague and friend ABPC Assistant Director Stoney Beavers. As always, he gets to the heart of the matter, in just 60 seconds!