More Incredibly Quick Video Resources from Stoney Beavers!

ABPC Assistant Director Stoney Beavers continues to create useful teaching and leadership videos that last just one minute!

Most of Stoney’s Snippets and Snaps are interesting tidbits from his own professional learning. Occasionally we gather up the latest entries and post them here at the blog, for easy browsing and access.

This is our third Snippets post. See Post 1 and Post 2 for more. You can find (and subscribe to) the complete collection at the A+ Education Partnership YouTube channel.

I especially like Stoney’s ideas for summer reading – they could easily carry over into August and the coming school year. And the Book Bentos!!

New Tips from Stoney

►Learn more about Doug Lemov’s Shared Google Doc idea here.

►See the University of Washington’s breakout room discussion here.

►Here’s another breakout room resource – Breakout Choice Workaround.

►Book Bentos Hyperdoc

►Joyce Valencia (SLJ) blog: Building beautiful book bentos

Stoney shares something he learned about summer and
independent reading during his many years as an English teacher!

From Stanford math educator Jo Boaler’s website:

“I asked, on twitter, if anyone’s lives had been changed by the information I share, and my youcubed team and I interviewed the 62 people who responded. This book shares some of the most exciting and inspirational stories we learned about.”

Learn more about Limitless Mind.

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